you’re such a cheetah

such-a-cheetahi hope this makes you laugh… i literally busted out with a huge belly-aching laugh when i saw this and i am showing it to everyone i can.  so enjoy!  and let me know if you’re able to figure out where it came from, i have not been able to track down its origin.

have a happy weekend!

to be a parisienne


well, i’ve really abandoned you, my lovely readers. life has been busy… which is a good thing, of course, but it’s meant that i have had to prioritize, and unfortunately fox lane has fallen into the pit. until this morning, i haven’t even been keeping up with reading the blogs i like to follow. i allowed myself 15 minutes on bloglovin’ today, and pleased i was! i so enjoyed garance doré’s post that I had to share it with you. she (and many others) perfectly capture what it means to be a parisienne and it has reminded me of how much i love paris, and how I would love to live there!

do you ever wish you lived somewhere else, or came from a different culture?

image credit: garance doré

fall fox

foxy-weekendsince it’s september now, i thought i’d share a cute photo of a little fox today. this picture evokes feelings of fall for me: the color of his fur (and his furriness in general) makes me feel cozy, and the woods in the background make me want to go take a hike.

have a great weekend!

image credit: via pinterest

loquet london

loquetthe word “loquet” is a french word, which describes a simple door opening. but the loquets designed by sheherazade goldsmith and laura bailey are anything but simple. the women have modernized the old fashioned locket, and instead of carrying a photo of a loved one close to your heart, you can now carry several small trinkets filled with personal meaning inside of a beautiful crystal locket. as the website says, “each ‘loquet’ is a unique and bespoke gift, a love letter coded in charms.”  how lovely is that?

while the new line is beautiful and inspiring, it is unfortunately way out of my price range. however the intro video is super cute, and the idea is perfectly crafted. i designed the one in the image above for me… what would you put in your loquet?

image credit: loquet london