friday loves // 10.03.14


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ballet beautiful

ballet-beautifulit’s no secret that i heart all things ballet and wish i was a ballerina… so of course i’m obsessed with these ballet beautiful street shoes from tinker tailor. i would have to get them in nude. which color would you choose?

image credit: tinker tailor

embrace the mess

embrace the messlately i have been feeling like a giant mess. not enough hours in the day to get everything done… house has been a mess… i have been a mess… haven’t been exercising… face is breaking out… and all of this has really been driving me crazy, which i think has been turning me into an even bigger mess!

then i stumbled across this quote and i thought i should give it a try! so this week i am going to stop trying so hard to un-do the mess, and just embrace it! i am pretty sure that it’ll all work itself out over time if i just let it go and stop fighting it all and take one thing at a time.

thoughts? do you have days (or weeks or months) where you feel like a mess? how do you deal?

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the dogist

terriernewly discovered on my instagram feed: the dogist, “a photo-documentary series dedicated to capturing the beauty of dogs.”

the images are fantastic, i feel like i know each pup’s personality instantly. i also love that elias adds in some info about the dog’s age and location, as well as an occasional fun tidbit or fact (like this poor guy who just got neutered, or etta, the retired racer). obviously harvey the french bulldog is one of my recent favorites (obsessed with frenchies!) but i also love the look on winston’s face, and the crazy-eyes of perla the miniature shepherd!

image credit: the dogist

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moto boots

moto-bootsi love these boots! aren’t they fantastic? the only problem is that i stumbled across them on tumblr, and while tumblr is great for inspiration, it’s not great for identifying the source of the image (as in, “where to buy”). so i did some inter-web hunting and found some other super cute options:

j crew biker boot

j. crew biker boot

miu-miu-black-bootsmiu miu (sold out – that’s not helpful!)

QAMRA-Leather-Wedged-Heels-Boots-Blacka sleeker, dressier version from qamra – plus, this one’s on sale!

frye-veronica-back-zip-bootfrye never disappoints – although this is nothing like the one i’m lusting after, i love the zipper detail up the back.  it also comes in black.

so… i’ve now found several more pairs that i want for fall and winter, one of which is sold out and completely out of my price range anyway… and none of which are quite right.

i’d love your help locating the original boot i found on tumblr, or a similar one! please let me know what you find in your online travels. happy hunting!

warby parker

1071 TAL WARBY 09-160-04-04EXLR

1071 TAL WARBY 01-077-04-04EXLRever since i was about 9 years old, i’ve wanted glasses. i looked forward to every eye exam, desperately hoping to need readers. for years i bought “fashion” glasses (well before that was even a thing) and i was thrilled when i finally (finally!!) was prescribed a pair at age 21 or so.

for years i just selected from the limited options at my eye doctor’s office, finding something new that i was happy with each time, but always feeling under-whelmed at the choices, and even less excited about the amount of money i was shelling out to get said pair. then, about 4 years ago (ish) i was dragged out of my boring cycle when i discovered warby parker, and i’ve been a fan ever since.

my first experience was awesome – i selected 5 pairs through the free home try-on and loved 4 of them… deciding which to buy was fun, and the whole process was super easy. the glasses arrived quickly, and i was a happy reader for 2 years.

last year my hubby and i both needed new specs, so we visited the showroom in nyc, which was amazing! there were tons of samples to try on, plenty of mirrors to check myself out, and several helpful staff. we were able to place our orders right there!

it’s coming time for a new pair (yay!) and so i wanted to share warby parker’s new fall collection, which has several pairs that i’m lusting after (both men’s and women’s):

oh – and your purchase also does good: for every pair sold, wp distributes a pair to someone in need through non-profit partners. how’s that for guilt-free shopping?

now, tell me which pair i should get, and which one is your favorite!

image credit: warby parker

batpig and me

batpig+mebecause i’m not already following enough adorable french bulldogs on instagram, i had to add a new one from tumblr.  you’re welcome!

image credit: batpigandme